Choosing myself

Yes, these journal prompts are getting more and more cheesy. I am on day 15. Well, one example of where I am choosing myself is that today I signed up to be part of a research project to help adults with ADHD with self compassion. It does sound rather cheesy I know, but I amContinue reading “Choosing myself”


well here it goes with another ‘journal prompt’ this one is supposed to be about a time someone has misjudged me. To be honest I can’t think of any examples, probably because I havent had much interaction with actual people for any extended period of time in the last 2 years, other than my parentsContinue reading “Misjudged”

Taking it personally

Well it’s been a while since I have ‘blogged’ but here goes… I think we are all suffering from the fatigue of this pandemic. I am just so tired and bored of it all and we’ve all gone through this shared trauma but hopefully the end is in sight, I know we have been hereContinue reading “Taking it personally”