Sadie enjoys performing stand up comedy sets about the crazy life events that befall her. She loves to explore the human side of being a Welsh Astrophysicist and Outreach Leader. Some BBC radio presenters have described her as nuts; but hopefully nuts in a good and humour-filled way!

Go here to see the outtake video of Sadie trying to speak Welsh with her Mam.

Past Gigs

19th November 2018, Never Explain: Science Comedy Panel Show, The Harrison, London.

15th November 2018, No Balls Science Comedy Improv, The Harrison, London.

16th July 2018, Bright Club Southampton at the University of Southampton Teachers Residential Course, Highfield Campus.

18th April 2018, Anything Funny? Open Mic Night, The Point, Eastleigh.

18th January 2018,  Professor Malice’s Science Apocalypse panel show in The Harrison, London.

Dec 2017, ‘Bright Club does Cafe Scientifique’, Salisbury Rugby Club.

Nov 2017, Science Showoff, ‘Physics and Fun’ at Star of Kings, London. This gig was filmed by the Institute of Physics (IOP) for a film on ‘Physics and Comedy’ and I was also interviewed by them afterwards for more film footage.

August 2017, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I performed a 10 minute set as part of the ‘Agony Auncles of Science’ panel show and was on the panel at 3 of the gigs. This show was rated number 1 by WIRED magazine in their article on the ‘7 reasons why 2017’s Edinburgh Festival is the best yet for science and technology’ article.

July 2017, Science Showoff, Star of Kings, London.

May 2017, Bright Club, Southampton.

You can see the YouTube of my first ever gig here.


You can read my blog post ‘Why do I want to be a Science Performer all of a sudden’ here.