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9th, 12th and 13th March 2021 – Online #SotonAstroArt workshop and ‘Meet the Physicist’ Q&A sessions for #SOTSEF goes Digital

11th March 2021 – Sadie is part of a group of academics learning to write and perform poetry about their research. The live ‘Poetic Science’ event takes place at 6pm. To register for the event go here. To see some poetry Sadie has created as part of this group read her latest blogs here.

Feb 2021 – Online ‘Astronomer Takeover‘ for International Women and Girls in Science day


Nov 2020 – Online #SotonAstroArt workshop for #HumanWorlds.

May 2020 – Aurora Zoo citizen science launch – Help us here.

May 2020 – September 2020 – Our #SotonAstroArt competion here.

 Jan 2020, Aurora Quest expedition to the Artic Circle to observe the Aurora with the Space Environment Group; I wrote a daily blog of the expedition here.

Feb 2020, #SotonAstroArt in the Photon Shop at Light Up Poole!, Digital Arts Festival.


March 2019, Space Zone Manager at Southampton Science and Engineering Family Day (SOTSEF) , Highfield Campus, University of Southampton.

Feb 2019, International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Evening event.


Nov 2018 #SotonAstroArt Art Exhibit and Soton Astrodome Planetarium Shows linked to Dark Energy Survey research.

Jan 2018, Stargazing Live! Evening event, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton.

March 2018, Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference, Japan. Delivering two talks on SETI Cipher Challenge and the #SotonAstroArt project.

Sept 2017, Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal, article published an article on the ‘Astro Airport’ event that I lead at Southampton Airport. Read it here.


May 2017, Presented a Plenary talk on the #AstroAirport event to the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Conference, Colombia, see the talk on YouTube.

More Information

To learn more about my science communication you can read my blog post  ‘What do I do?‘ and/or read the article about my current role at the University of Southampton here.

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